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Machine GRAPHICS & VISION, Vol. 24 (2015), No. 1/4

Wojciechowski A., Majewski A., Poreda T., Nowak P., Napieralski P.:
Immersive Rehabilitation Monitoring System Supported with Augmented Reality
MGV vol. 24, no. 1/4, 2015, pp. 3-15.
Medical rehabilitation treatment is of vital importance to all those who have experienced limb impairments due to unexpected accidents or geriatric dysfunctions. However, due to extensive government savings, the access to regular rehabilitation services is becoming increasingly difficult. This paper presents a low-cost, immersive augmented reality passive medical rehabilitation system exploiting depth-based limb joint tracking, supported with the Microsoft Kinect controller. Depth-based augmented reality solutions, though hardware affordable, suffer from miscellaneous problems. Duality of reference coordinate systems for RGB and depth sensors entails imprecision of limb joint positions measurement, whereas reliable limbs rehabilitation and their motility supervision require precise joints positioning and reliable visual feedback from the system. The present solution proposes the use of visual markers overlaid on the patient's image as an interface layer and two complementary sensors for depth-based spatial limbs tracking. It organizes the visual aspect of the rehabilitation stand, helps to immerse the patients into the rehabilitation process by providing them with a way to follow their achievements, while also monitoring the correctness of exercise performance.
Key words: augmented reality, passive rehabilitation, depth controller.


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