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Machine GRAPHICS & VISION, Vol. 26 (2017), No. 1/4

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Burdka ., Rohleder P.:
Applied Inverse Kinematics for Bipedal Characters Moving on the Diverse Terrain      Open Access    Accepted paper online
MGV vol. 26, no. 1/4, 2017, pp. 3-11.
A solution to the problem of adjusting the pose of an animated video game character to the diverse terrain and surroundings is proposed. It is an important task in every modern video game where there is a focus on animated characters. Not addressing this issue leads to major visual glitches such as legs hovering above the ground surface, or penetrating the obstacles while moving. As presented in this work, the described problem can be effectively solved by examining the surroundings in real-time and applying Inverse Kinematics (IK) as a procedural post process to the currently used animation.
Key words: inverse kinematics, animations, visual improvements, physics, game systems.


25 (2016) main 27 (2018)

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