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26 (2017) main forthcoming papers

Machine GRAPHICS & VISION, Vol. 27 (2018), No. 1/4

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Flasiński M.:
Interpreted Graphs and ETPR(k) Graph Grammar Parsing for Syntactic Pattern Recognition      Open Access    Accepted paper online
MGV vol. 27, no. 1/4, 2018, pp. 3-19.
Further results of research into graph grammar parsing for syntactic pattern recognition (Pattern Recognit. 21:623-629, 1988; 23:765-774, 1990; 24:1223-1224, 1991; 26:1-16, 1993; 43:249-2264, 2010; Comput. Vision Graph. Image Process. 47:1-21, 1989; Fundam. Inform. 80:379-413, 2007; Theoret. Comp. Sci. 201:189-231, 1998) are presented in the paper. The notion of interpreted graphs based on Tarski's model theory is introduced. The bottom-up parsing algorithm for ETPR(k) graph grammars is defined.
Key words: syntactic pattern recognition, graph grammar, parsing, interpreted graph, model theory.

Gong S., Newman T. S.:
Isocontouring with Sharp Corner Features      Open Access    Accepted paper online
MGV vol. 27, no. 1/4, 2018, pp. 21-46.
A~method that achieves closed boundary finding in images (including slice images) with sub-pixel precision while enabling expression of sharp corners in that boundary is described. The method is a new extension to the well-known Marching Squares (MS) 2D isocontouring method that recovers sharp corner features that MS usually recovers as chamfered. The method has two major components: (1) detection of areas in the input image likely to contain sharp corner features, and (2) examination of image locations directly adjacent to the area with likely corners. Results of applying the new method, as well as its performance analysis, are also shown.
Key words: marching squares, feature preservation, corner recovery, contour finding, isocontours.


26 (2017) main forthcoming papers

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