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Machine GRAPHICS & VISION, Vol. 30 (2021), No. 1/4

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Zaniolo L., Marques O.:
On the use of CNNs with patterned stride for medical image analysis
MGV vol. 30, no. 1/4, 2021, pp. 3-22.     Accepted paper online
The use of deep learning techniques for early and accurate medical image diagnosis has grown significantly in recent years, with some encouraging results across many medical specialties, pathologies, and image types. One of the most popular deep neural network architectures is the convolutional neural network (CNN), widely used for medical image classification and segmentation, among other tasks. One of the configuration parameters of a CNN is called stride and it regulates how sparsely the image is sampled during the convolutional process. This paper explores the idea of applying a patterned stride strategy: pixels closer to the center are processed with a smaller stride concentrating the amount of information sampled, and pixels away from the center are processed with larger strides consequently making those areas to be sampled more sparsely. We apply this method to different medical image classification tasks and demonstrate experimentally how the proposed patterned stride mechanism outperforms a baseline solution with the same computational cost (processing and memory). We also discuss the relevance and potential future extensions of the proposed method.
Key words: convolutional neural networks, patterned stride, medical image classification, deep learning.


29 (2020) main forthcoming papers

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