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Forthcoming papers

The papers are listed which have already been accepted for publication and the editorial and publishing process is going on for them.

Accepted papers online

The papers which have already been accepted and their contents is fixed are published online with the label Accepted paper online. Such papers are published before the full number is closed. The reason for such policy is to make the accepted publications accessible to the readers as soon as possible. Such accepted papers are selected for quick online publication for which not only the scientific but also the editorial quality is adequately high.

The accepted papers are already ascribed to the volumes and numbers, and the page numbering is known, so for a paper with this label the full bibliographic data are already fixed and they are given alongside with the title and author(s) information. Therefore, the paper available in this mode can be easily cited. The only difference between the Accepted paper online and the regular paper is that the number it appears in is not completed yet.

At present, the Accepted papers online can be found in Vol 29 (2020) No. 1/4.

Recent issues

The most recent closed issue is Vol 28 (2019), No. 1/4.

The most recent issue containing the Accepted papers online is Vol 29 (2020), No. 1/4.


28 (2019) main

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