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Submission of manuscripts. Submission of a paper for publication in MG&V is taken to imply that the paper was not previously published (with possible exception of selected conference papers), and neither has been or is being submitted for publication elsewhere. In addition, it is also taken to imply that permission for publication, if needed, has been granted by the appropriate sources. If the manuscript contains any "copyrighted material", the task of obtaining the necessary permissions from the copyright owner(s) is the author(s)'s responsibility.

No short communications are accepted, as MG&V publishes full papers only.

The author actually submitting the manuscript must enclose a note (cover letter) saying that he is submitting a paper with the listed co-authors. Such note is taken to imply that he has obtained their consent for submitting the paper. One of the authors (e.g., the submitting one) should be indicated as the contact person. Otherwise, all correspondence will be sent to the author listed as the first one.

The language of the journal is English. As a standard, the papers should be submitted to be considered for publishing in electronic form in one of commonly used file formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT), directly to the Editorial Office e-mail address given below.

Preparation of manuscripts. The layout of the text should contain sufficient spacing and margins. Figures and photos should be included in the text. Colour figures and photos are admissible, provided that colour is essential for the presentation.

The number of pages is limited to 25. The Editorial Office may relax the limit in justified cases.

The paper's title, the authors' names, affiliations and addresses, as well as possible thanks and information about funding, should be placed on a separate page, and the text proper should not contain any such elements in page headers or footers. All the necessary additional elements will be added to the paper's final version following acceptance.

Refereeing process. All papers will be evaluated by one of the Editors, and refereed by three specialists in the given area. An example of the report form can be seen here. The refereeing process ensures anonymity of both referees and authors. Suitability for publication will be judged on the basis of the paper's relevance to the overall aims and scope of MG&V, as well as its quality: originality, technical quality, importance and readability.

Acceptance for publication. The authors are informed about the evaluation results and the Editors' decision by e-mail with subsequent confirmation by ordinary mail. The acceptance is conditional on fulfilling further requirements concerning preparation of the final version.

Preparation of the final version. The authors informed about the conditional acceptance are asked to submit the final version of the paper prepared with LaTeX according to the instructions provided below. If the text requires nonstandard LaTeX styles or TeX macro definitions, they should be provided too. Nonstandard fonts should not be used without prior arrangement with the Editor. The figures should be sent in separate files, in the .EPS format. It is important that black and white, grey-level and colour figures are prepared in their respective formats, so that no ambiguity arises whether a given figure should be printed in colour or not. In addition, the authors should include a hardcopy-equivalent version of the paper in the .PS or .PDF format for reference purposes.

Together with the final version of the paper, the authors should also send their short scientific CVs and photographs (300x400 pixels at a minimum) - or declare explicitly that they do not wish to publish the above.

All the files are to be sent by e-mail to the address given below. In addition, a filled-in and signed copyright transfer form supplied by MG&V (together with confirmation that the paper has not been published elsewhere) should be sent back by ordinary mail.

Each paper undergoes a final correction of English in a limited extent. However, it is the authors' responsibility to make sure that each manuscript is written in clear, correct English - in case of a very low standard of English, the paper will be sent back to the authors for correction, which will considerably delay its publication.

The Editorial Office reserves the right to introduce certain changes aimed at preserving a uniform style of the journal's contents. The authors do not receive any galley proofs for acceptance.

Published MG&V issue. After the issue containing the paper is published, each author obtains the author's copy. For this purpose, all authors are requested to provide the Editorial Office separately with the mail address for sending the copy, otherwise all authors' copies will be sent to the first author.

The list of contents of the issue with abstracts of all papers is placed on the MG&V website. See also the Accepted Papers Online policy.

The LaTeX template. For writing the final version of the paper for MG&V please use the MG&V LaTeX template and the MG&V LaTeX class file. The compiled template can be downloaded from here. The complete compilable package together with the example image files in a compressed package can be downloaded from here. The particular version of LaTeX we use is MiKTeX.

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